Marino De Jesus Guzmán



I am an avid learner that loves to add value in everything I do. I’m overly enthusiastic about circuits and cooking. Currently, I research circuit and system level techniques to boost performance and power efficiency in analog to digital converters (ADCs).

Analog Mixed Signal IC Designer

Recent PhD graduate working as an analog designer.

  • City: Texas, USA

I am currently cultivating expertise in mixed signal IC design, with a strong focus on analog signal chain and data converter design. I am interested in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to: Sensor Interfaces and Read-out, Power Management, Clock and Data Recovery, Memory Read-out Circuits, Hardware Security, and Design Automation.



Below I’ve listed some of the relevant skills that I have been able to develop over the course of my career. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should paint a good picture of my skill proficiencies.

Cadence Virtuoso 100%
Layout Dependent Effects/Parasitics 90%
Spectre/Spice 95%
VHDL 70%
Verilog AMS 50%
Skill 65%
TinaSpice/LT-Spice 90%
PCB Layout(Altium) 90%
C++ 85%
Python 70%
Matlab/Simulink 80%
LabView 70%
Project Management 80%
Technical Communication 95%
Mentoring 90%


I am loving my new role at Texas Instruments! I get to work on challenging mixed signal IC design problems, gain experience in the rich and deep automotive electronics application space, and make meaningful contributions to the state of the art of circutis via patents and publications.


Marino D. Guzmán

Creative and tenacious mixed signal IC designer with 4+ years of design experience in taking IPs from specification to post-silicon validation and 7+ years experience in the semiconductor industry.


PhD in Analog Mixed Signal IC Design

2017 - 2023

University of Florida

Digital Correlated Level Shifting for Switched Capacitor Amplifiers

  • Develop, verify, and tapeout solutions to pipelined ADC design challenges
  • Clearly comunicate research findings by publishing in journals and conferences
  • Investigate power-efficient amplifier topologies for deep sub-micron technology nodes
  • Mentor junior lab members and lead technical projects from time to time

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

2012 - 2015

University of Florida

Specialization in Electronics

Extra-Curricular Activities

Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Fair Coordinator:

2019 - Present

University of Florida

  • Coordinated the inaugural ECE Career Fair which was attended by 14 companies and 350+ students
  • Successfully navigated transition to virtual career fair during pandemic
  • Work closely with ECE staff to handle logistics and gather feedback to improve the career fair
  • Most recent fair featured 10 companies and 450+ students

Hispanics in Electrical and Computer Engineering (President):

2018 - 2021

University of Florida

  • Founded and grew Organization from 3 members to 25 active members and growing
  • Developed short-term and long-term strategies for organizational growth and individual member growth
  • Created a professional development and company outreach leading to 25 interviews to date

ECE Ambassadors (President):

2018 - 2023

University of Florida

  • Manage a group of 16-20 student leaders to ensure completion of tours, recruitment and other department related ventures
  • Examine ways in which the ECE Ambassadors can provide more value to students, faculty and staff

IEEE Student Chapter (Treasurer):

2015 - 2017

University of Florida

  • Managed budget of $10,000+ dollars
  • Oversaw community outreach programs which exposed K-12 students to STEM concepts
  • Trained assitant treasurer in all fiscal policies

IEEE Student Chapter (Community Service/Outreach Coordinator):

2014 - 2015

University of Florida

  • Workshopped and developed 6 electronics workshops that taught fundamentals of electronics
  • Exposed 30+ students to electronics concepts through workshops delivered at Alachua county library

Professional Experience

Electronics 1 Instructor

Spring 2021

University of Florida

  • Received a 4.74/5.00 overall instructor rating. Department average: 4.36/5.00
  • Developed and presented course lectures to 55 students via Zoom
  • Worked with students during office hours to create learning plans and study strategies
  • Managed 3 undergraduate teaching assistants

Supervised Teaching Assistant

Spring/Summer 2019

University of Florida

  • Developed and presented course lectures to 60 students
  • Revised all labs to ensure that they closely tracked lecture content to maximize learning
  • Created and tested new lab format which focused on engaging students in lab

Design Verification Intern - Precision Analog Group

Summer 2018

Texas Instruments

  • Designed Cadence test benches to extensively verify pre-silicon designs
  • Optimized simulation data workflow to improve storage, management, and designer efficiency
  • Developed and documented strategies to debug convergence issues and reduce simulation time

Test Engineering Intern - Precision Analog Group

Summer 2016

Texas Instruments

  • Developed Diagnostic routine to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair test fixtures
  • Verified Unity GBW test solution for low leakage Input bias current measurements

Validation Intern - Precision Analog Group

Summer 2015

Texas Instruments

  • Created LabView VIs for functional testing of I2C protocols
  • Designed TestStand templates to expand test and validation capabilities for I2C testing
  • Worked with product lines to develop a standardized method for testing key timing parameters

Field Engineering Intern

Summer 2014

ExxonMobil Midstream

  • Improved emergency shutdown control logic on PLCs by adding communication redundancies
  • Documented PLC limitations and evaluated feasibility of pump station expansion

Test Engineering Intern

Summer 2013

G.E. Oil and Gas

  • Developed component level tests to verify values and connectivity on manufactured circuit boards
  • Documented and optimized floating wire bed test solution to improve yield by 5% and test time by 20%


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